The 3 best mobile games ever

10th September 2016 - Simply the Best
The 3 best mobile games ever

This is based on the 3 best mobile games i have reviewed on my blog. Enjoy.

  • Castle Clash
    Castle Clash
  • Clash of Clans
    Clash of Clans
  • Monster Legends
    Monster Legends
  • Trigger Fist
    Trigger Fist

So without further ado in third place we have…


This should’t be surprising to most to most as shown from my review for Trigger Fist. This game has secured a space in the top three because it has a quality which other games don’t have and that is that it never gets boring and make you wonder if you should delete the game.But no this game doesn’t do that instead it keeps you hooked on the game wanting to play it again.However you shouldn’t worry as it isn’t an addicting game though you might play it for some time.

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However in second place we have…

Yes people its the one and only Castle Clash yes people a game where you have build your own fortress of solitude and defend it with your life and deem yourself victorious better than all the others in the quest for might and have the mightiest castle of them all.Though this game has reached second place it does have cost something that doesn’t wait for us and that’s time a valued treasure we all want. However it is fun watching your castle grow to become the mightiest of them all (or you could just buy gems and do it in he click of a finger lol).

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Never the less in first place…

Winning top prize is …

None other than…

Image result for top prize



Monster legends!

This game may be quite similar to Castle Clash but what it has to offer is totally different. This game is more about monsters and their stats so that you can fight on the adventure map or on PvP. But the thrill of getting to get new monsters is amazing (or you can just purchase gems and get all of the monsters in a tick).

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Thanks guys and see you later.


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