5th August 2016 - PC Games×340.png is a fast paced online multiplayer plane shooter. In the game you are a plane/jet and you have to shoot and kill other players in the game to get to the top of the leader boards. While playing the game you can pick up power-ups which will help you in taking do your enemy and sometimes there will be a special, amazing and insanely powerful power-up. However about every half an hour there will be a change in background from the sky to a star wars type theme and space background.,d.ZGg&psig=AFQjCNGWEwPEw46OLFef6FinITrQ4XOoTw&ust=1470505236902573

I really love this game for it combines two of my favorite things Star Wars and planes.When I play this game there are no major lags or glitches that prevent me from enjoying the game.

Fun: 8.5

Graphics: 8

Controls: 7.5

Overall: 8/10

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