Trigger Fist

20th August 2016 - Mobile Games
Trigger Fist

Trigger Fist is an online multiplayer game where you have to do certain things to achieve the objective of the type of game you are playing. But if you are totally new to shooter games don’t worry there is a tutorial at the beginning of the game that explains the entire game.

Now I will be going the through the game modes and some other things. The first game mode is FFA which stands for “free for all ” in this game mode you have to be the first to kill 15 people but keep in mind that you don’t need Internet to play the game at all and I myself barely even play the game online. The second game mode is called Team Deathmatch each team consists of four players on each side and you have to kill the other team 30 times , however, do remember that you will respawn and can continue playing the game till there is a victor.

The next game mode is King of The Hill.In this game you have to conquer the zone where the crown is on top but from time to time the place where the crown is changes to different places on the map and after a certain amount of time. The last but definitely not least is Sacred Goat. Now in this game mode you are in a team of 4 where you or anyone else in your team have to carry a goat goat for 90 seconds to win the match.

This game has never lagged for me and hopefully it won’t for you but I thoroughly enjoy the game when I play it and it is a game I recommend to people that like shooter games but even if you don’t give it a go.

Fun: 8.5/10

Graphics: 8/10

Overall: 8.25/10

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