Pokemon GO

3rd August 2016 - Mobile Games

What’s it about and why is it so good?

Pokémon GO is based on the first generation of Pokémon the TV show. The point of the game is catch Pokémon and complete the pokedex. But here’s the twist which some people don’t like and it’s that you have to get up and walk around town in the hopes of finding Pokémon and then catching them.

However, I think the thing that people like most about the game is that they can go around the world searching, finding and catching Pokémon like the TV characters they once used to watch when they were younger.


There has recently been a troll in japan were a person has posted a picture of Mewtwo in the game which he had apparently caught and also posted where in Japan he had caught it. Moments later the majority of people which were playing Pokémon GO went to the place where it was caught. After a while people recognized that they had been fooled but seconds later a Blastoise appeared and immediately after a Gayridos spawned there too.


Recently Niantic have been angry because of these websites like poke vision which tell people where certain Pokemon are and that makes the games easy to play and level up. However they have also removed the three step glitch (which is better than nothing) and now gamers are enraged. Gamers are now waiting in the dark not knowing what will happen next and what Niantic are going to do next.

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