Clash of Clans

17th August 2016 - Mobile Games
Clash of Clans

Clash of clans is an online multiplayer mobile game where you make your own castle/fort.I n the fort there would be different buildings for different purposes for example one of the buildings would produce gold and another elixir (those are the two types of currency in the game which use can be used for different things in the game). Gold or elixir can also be used to upgrade buildings to higher levels for higher HP or higher production rate but things that are upgraded may vary due to what the building is meant for.

In the game you can recruit soldiers with different stats (stats can depend on the type of soldier you are recruiting or on if you upgrade them or not but that can depend on if you have the laboratory which is another building). With soldiers you can have PvP battles where you have to destroy another players base and if you destroy at least 50%of there base you win the battle and earn trophies and once you get a certain amount of trophies you will be put in a league for example if you reach 300 trophies you are put into bronze league one then once you reach the second amount of trophies you will be put into bronze league two and so on and I forgot to mention that for each league you get you receive a prize. However there is also a map where you can take on goblin bases and if you destroy a certain amount of percentage of that base you will get gold and elixir but something else you will get is stars to show the percent of how much of that base you beat. And as you proceed through the map the difficulty will become harder and harder but the prizes will get bigger and bigger.

Once you get to a certain level you can build a clan castle which will let you create or join a clan and will also let you hold soldiers that your clan donate to you . Despite that what your are going to hear next isn’t going to come as much o a surprise for the name of the game is called Clash of Clans. Nevertheless once you have join a clan and there are a certain amount of players in the clan you can have clan wars. In clan wars you have two attack opportunities where you can attack the players in the other clan not forgetting for the percent of there base you destroy you will get stars and prizes but the thing that counts are the stars you earn beating the enemy base and whoever has the most stars at the end of the war wins it. Then after the war is over you can retrieve the rewards you got for attacking and wining battles in the war.

However everything in the game isn’t fine and dainty because like the majority of free mobile games out there you can buy gems which will help you become the best in the game but you don’t have to buy them just like me because I don’t believe in those kind of things but if you want to I’m not stopping you.

Fun: 8.5/10

Graphics: 9/10

Overall: 8.75/10



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